Amber: This Is Your Night

  Amber是一名德国艺人,父母均从事音乐工作,因此她很顺理成章的走上了音乐之路。1996年发行的首张作品《This Is Your Night》就一举成名,迅速红遍了全球各大迪厅。大家不妨聆听一下十年前的流行元素。(下载)(歌词)。德国确实是一个音乐工业比较发达的国家,The Kelly Family、Sash!、Enigma等艺人也都来自于此。

Dah dah dah dah dad, ditita ta tay

1-This is your night,
Dancing free until the morning light
Together forever ’cause, this is your night
And everything is gonna be alright

2-Aww yeah, so in love with you
Aww yeah, it’s too good to be true
Aww yeah, feelin’ so brand-new, aww yeah
Eee-yeah, eee-yeah
Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

You captured my heart, you’re the key to my life
A vision of our love, that made me survive
Regaining the mood, that we’re in, it’s so real
It’s time to move up, and to face what I feel, oohh
(repeat 1, 2)

Tonight with my spirits, the one that you call
I’m ready to stand up, and ready to fall
I can’t find a way, so attracted by you
Let me be your girl, and I’ll be so true, ooh
(rpt 1, 2)

Dadadadadada, ditaitaidai…
(rpt 1, 2)


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