最后需要补充的一点,bokee.com至今尚无通过备案,它所使用的“京ICP证040883号”乃是北京博客时代信息技术有限公司下属这些域名的许可证、、、、、、 。


  1. hi, bluetent,

    sorry that i did not read this post on your blog until today … there has been quite some discussions around everything and i guess you don’t really want to know more. So we’ll just keep things straightforward. I’ve been trying to implement the authorize system which enables bloggers or other sources ping back to authorize rss reader to list the contents parsed from their rss feed on the rss reader’s page. Providing no ping back from the blogger, we’ll not list the title or content of the feed parsed out from the rss feed at all. Hopefully I’ll get it online by next week. You don’t need to do anything if you don’t want the content of your feed to be shown.

    Just by the way. The feedburner project is also maintained by me. It will has absolutely no relationship with rss reader or the homepage of bokee. In short it is an relatively independent project. The motivation of these two projects for the team and me is to make things better. I’m sorry about that the things turn out in a different way for you. However your comment is always apprieciated.

    Best Regards.

  2. 上午用英文回复了您的评论,但莫名其妙丢失了,所以就用中文重新写一遍吧。

  3. hi, bluetent,

    after sending out the last comment i was not able to connect back to your blog for a couple of times. It is really a comfort to read your comment today, not only for the forgiveness, but also for your openness behind your word. The job at blogchina for me is no more or less than a serious profession.

    by the way, i also started a blog which shall be concentrated on open-source projects. you’re welcome to visit it and see if there’s anything helpful – i just started it tho’ *blush*.

    take care and enjoy coding 🙂


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